Friday, September 13, 2013

Photo of a demon

Quick post, sethren, in some haste.  The wolves are after me, because I am about to reveal the idiocy of the symbolic realm, as in, "there is evidence that Neanderthals entered the symbolic realm".  Anyway, in some haste.
I have a photograph of a demon.  The technical details of how I took the image are not important.  The demon is the bit of wood in the left hand of the person who created the image, none other than myself.
This piece of wood is a demon.  Thus.  The collar that holds the seatpost of my trusty steed had worked it's way up the post.  It was hard to get back on.  I had a hammer, I needed a tool to convey the force of the hammer to the narrowness of the collar.  My eye alighted on a piece of kindling wood, ash, with a certain elegant and useful curve.  This piece of kindling entered my brain as a demon, which was, by the question "what the fuck can I use for this purpose?" guided into an alliance with the concept of a certain tool, somewhere between a punch and a tappet.  Fortified by this alliance, the piece of wood, previously kindling, became a specific tool, and thus as demon took position in an infinitesimal part of my brain.  Whether it survives or not depends on whether the collar works loose again.  But hang on a moment.  It's there, above left, for ever, or as long as the blogger server lasts.  It has journeyed, this demon, from non-existence, to my ideoverse, to the metaverse, or that portion of it which is the internet.
That is what a demon is.

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