Thursday, May 09, 2013


Quick aside, sethren, nowt to do with Othello.  Natural pedagogy, in fact.  Aphorisms, like.
A charismatic human being is the best environment Evoculture can exploit.  The charisma is part of the organism, not of Evoculture.
When a bad teacher teaches, they just repeat the required segment of Evoculture.  They rehearse, drily, the content of the physics lesson.
When a good teacher teaches, they enact part of the metaverse.  They say, look, this is me, doing physics.  At this moment, I am physics and physics is me, are you not enraptured?  Be like me.
Unfortunately it may not be physics.  It could be pyramid selling.  It could be fascism.  Evoculture’s not bothered. 

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