Monday, April 22, 2013

See God, time to play

Shiva and Parvati (and Nandi, leant on) - Wiki
  Sethren, it has been a long climb.  Now we are at the top of the mountain, face to face with God.  Who is a very big demon indeed.  About the same size as nipple was when we were two days old.  And as abstruse as nipple is flesh.  Gods used to be like people, ancient people in warmer climes than the Huddersfield ringroad, descended from ogres and monsters but now, save for poor Hephaestus, perfect.  Oh ye who have seen Parvati and Shiva glowing in the bronze and can only ease the sense of yearning by laying a hand on nature, on the warm rough hide of Nandi, as I lay my hand on this frigid metal here, this bus stop, to short myself to earth, to rotate my coordinates to stable up and down and left and right, in the face of the vision that stretches before me.  God now is so abstract that the alliances of demons that once, for four thousand years at the most, were attracted to Him in such numbers that they were like the atoms of a whole galaxy wheeling round a black hole, have all but deserted him.  They have flittered to other more primitive gods, the kind that walked the earth when Solomon built his temple, if he ever did, tyrant gods or sentimental mummydaddy gods, leaving God as nothing but the answer to any question to which we do not know the answer.
  So what is this vision I see, sethren?  It is what we are when what God stood for is almost wholly dissipated.  It is the vision of what a human being is.  It is an organism that is the environment in which Evoculture evolves.  And if that sounds to you derisory, know that it is the total fucking miracle, far beyond magic, beyond turning water into wine or healing the sick or hearing a voice in a cave or in a dungeon, the total fucking miracle of a space so huge inside a head, and inside every head and extending into everything that goes on in the physical universe, an ideoverse open to the metaverse where exists, and only where exists, everything.  Nipples, all gods, all poetry, music, all pigment, emoticons and Twitter, Darwin’s Origin of Species, all politics, medicine, economics, sex and those photographs of spaces that give an inkling of the size of the neural substrate, those reaches of seeming for ever thousands of light-years distant.
  That is what we can see from the top of the mountain.  It’s not going to change or lives much.  The wind is still cold, we still have a Prime Minister who attests that he is Green, yet cannot see the simple connection between fracking and the ruin of the Earth.  For as I have said, Evoculture does not care for us.  Like all evolution, it is merely a pattern of its own survival.  It has made us what we are reciprocally with what we have made it; Dubai.  Which clearly, grotesque idiocy that it is, evolved in the matrix of its own destruction.  Because half of what we are is the process of demons, and demons are dependent on now.  That is all.  They have zero, zero, zero, foresight.  Our Prime Minister as a person knows that fracking is almost certainly deeply damaging to our species in the long term.  But as a politician, he is merely a transducer of a certain summation of demons, a myth, and he trumpets idiocy on behalf of all of us.
  Now we are at the top of the mountain, certain things become apparent.  Look at three concepts.  Red triangle.  Blue triangle.  Blue circle.  From this it follows that while the potential number of demons may be finite, the number of concepts is infinite.   Also that, while demons may be loci, concepts are processes of the architecture of the neural substrate.
  And we shall look at them next.  And see how concepts themselves ally, and form myths, truths, lies, praxes.  And how such alliances are themselves environments for the evolution of culture; but evolution at the level of demons, sethren, always and only.
  Soon it will be time to play.

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