Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Brother Jero

[Editor's note]  Brother Jero tends to ramble.  He is not, in any but the most pejorative sense, economical with the truth.
  Should you wish for a more succinct account of the hypothesis with which he seeks to acquaint the rabble of the homeless, the addicted and the mentally ill who unaccountably gather about him at midday (though I fear he may sometimes mistake the bus queue for his acolytes) on that layby on the inner side of the Huddersfield ring road, the one at the bottom of the steps that lead down from the covered market, not a stone's throw from the university; should you wish to read the hypothesis in a logical sequence, not disrupted by Brother Jero's lucubrations on the ephemeral and desperately trivial, look no further than here.
Fra. Jago de Haviland, Curator

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